Korean skincare traditions are known to be the secret weapon for healthy and therefore beautiful skin. At Yepoda, we embrace and follow these century old expertise while giving all skincare products our own twist: Our mindfully produced skincare products are 100% free of nasties like silicones and parabens, cruelty-free, vegan and made with love in Korea.

Here we could add the value icons.
Here we could add the value icons - this could be a different way to disply them than we have currently 



We believe in the beauty of every girl out there. And as skin is a big part of your beauty, taking care of it is essential. 
That's why we founded Yepoda: We believe in the power of Korean skincare traditions - and the recent success of K-Beauty as the skincare trend of the moment shows that more and more people discover the benefits of this specific way of skincare. Quite different from Western skincare routines, Korean have women long understood how to reach healthy and beautiful skin by taking the time to take care of their skin with a combination of the right products. Enriching this century-old expertise with modern-day science and ongoing innovations, the Korean beauty scene has managed to grow wisdom about skincare like no other country which makes it so popular today.